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Croquettes Revisited

June 11, 2010

The other night I had a couple people over for dinner and decided to make an old standby, the Salmon Croquettes. I served them with a salad again, and I made a couple adjustments to the croquettes themselves: panko instead of Saltines and minced shallot in lieu of onion (why not?). I decided to serve them with a Spicy Lemon and Paprika Aïoli from Bon Appétit.

The first ingredient in the aïoli is mayonnaise. Feeling ambitious, I decided to make the mayo myself using this recipe from Gourmet. The ingredients and process are simple enough, but the whisking is exhausting. I had a buddy, and we switched off.

The panko and shallots worked beautifully in the croquettes, and the aïoli was a bit of a show-stopper. This will not be my last experiment with homemade mayo!