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Austin ctd.

March 16, 2010

Last night before seeing the World Premiere of MacGruber, we got dinner at Moonshine. Billed as innovative comfort food, this restaurant delivered. We started with some delicious (and reasonably priced) margaritas at the bar, then took our seats and started in on some serious eating.


This pecan crusted catfish blew my mind a little: I didn’t know nut encrusted fish was an option. The sweet pecans were a nice complement to the homemade hot sauce that covered the filet—plus, who can argue with crawfish tails?

The other entrée we tried was a truly massive bowl of Green Chile Macaroni. The dish is served with grilled chicken and corn relish mixed in, and the end result is much lighter than your average mac & cheese. It was almost like a corn chowder with with green chile (mmm I’m getting ideas for summer!). With the margaritas, the beer battered asparagus we had to start, and these two dishes, we all left Moonshine smiling and satisfied.

GREEN CHILE MACARONI with Grilled Chicken, Corn Relish & Green Chile Cream