Stanky Legg Sliders

Even on vacation the Houseboy does not rest. We’ve been to several restaurants here in the British Virgin Islands, and on the whole, they are overpriced and mediocre. We have a kitchen and have been putting it to good use. Most of the food here is imported and expensive, but there are a few things that are abundant and cheap in the BVI, plantains, avocados and rum among them.

We were riding in the car and listening to the radio… we heard there is a Stanky Legg Party somewhere in the islands this weekend. This inspired our dinner creation, the Stanky Legg Slider.


Do the Stanky Legg!

Do the Stanky Legg!

That’s a beef patty topped with Jack cheese, plantains (sautéed in butter), avocado and a squeeze of lime. As we are in the BRITISH Virgin Islands, the only thing that could hold the Stanky Leggz together is an English  muffin.

It was an experiment, but we LOVED them. And that’s not just the Dark and Stormy talking.


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3 Responses to “Stanky Legg Sliders”

  1. gurl Says:

    this sure makes me want to do the stanky legg… boi-style :*)

  2. Creepayliz Says:

    Wow. This sounds quite good. I sort of feel like nothing could go wrong with avocado. Except cookies. Don’t try to replace avocado with butter. I learned that the hard way.

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