Sauce on My Chops


I’ve had this idea lately that I want to make my own BBQ sauce. Tonight was the night. I made a Lexington-style BBQ sacue from I don’t know why I’d always assumed BBQ sauce would be hard to make. It was just vinegar, white pepper, black pepper, red pepper flakes, sugar, salt and ketchup. So easy.

The budget is tight, but I wanted meat. Pork chops. 

I broiled the pork chops for about 4 minutes on each side, then let them rest for a few minutes. While the chops were resting, I microwaved some broccoli. Once the broccoli was done, I pulled apart the pork with two forks, then doused it in sauce. SO GOOD. I washed it all down with a Pilsner from Lagunitas Brewing Company of my native California. 

I could have stopped there and had a wonderful evening, but there was one last essential ingredient. This is very important. Beaches, starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. I think I just made BBQ gay. Kudos me.


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4 Responses to “Sauce on My Chops”

  1. gurl Says:

    hahaha! mmmmm saucay…

  2. julixdoc Says:


  3. Creepayliz Says:

    You microwaved the broccoli?

    • Houseboy Says:

      Oh YES! The microwave is such an easy way to cook vegetables, but it is also healthier than most other methods, because you can cook with little or no water. If you blanche or steam the broccoli some of the nutrients leach out into the water and you lose them, but in the microwave, all the flavor and nutrients stay put.

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