Bean Burrito Bliss


Fold it up. Take a bite.

In preparation for the week ahead, I decided to cook something I could bring to work for lunch. I went to an old standby: the burrito. For the filling, I went to this recipe for a Bean Burrito Casserole that I’ve made for dinner parties. Since I knew I’d be bringing it to work, I just made the filling of beans, onion, garlic, jalapeño, and cumin. I’ll bring a tortilla, avocado and cheese to work and assemble it there.

Once I made the filling I couldn’t help myself, so I fixed a delightful afternoon snack (above). I decided to augment the recipe by squeezing a lime over the filling and avocado before folding it up. Delicious.


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One Response to “Bean Burrito Bliss”

  1. julixdoc Says:

    what a great idea for a casserole. economical too!

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