Mousse au Chocolat!


As promised, I went out and found a decadent chocolate mousse recipe to protest any attempts at weaning us off real chocolate. It is from the December 2002 issue of Gourmet, and it’s a little labor-intensive, but such is the nature of mousse. My roommate and I made it together. While I separated the eggs, she chopped the chocolate, and the active time for us was about an hour, just over the 45 minutes the recipe estimates. For the chocolate, I used a mix of Ghirardelli chocolates: 1/4 bittersweet, 3/4 70% Cacao. We sampled the mousse as we spooned it into cocktail glasses, and it tasted so good. It’s in the refrigerator now getting its six hour chill on. We just ate the finished product, and it was FANTASTIC. I am adding this to the repertoire. 

The roommate and I took these photos as we went.

Houseboy Note: We thought it would be fun to dish out large portions, but we were wrong. With this mousse, a little bit goes a long way.


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