Salad for Lunch

In an effort to stay healthy and avoid bankruptcy, I’ve been bringing lunch to work all week. The Sweet and Tangy Chicken leftovers lasted two days, and I’ve moved on to salads.

I start with a box of pre-washed organic greens. They’re a little pricey, but so much less expensive than the salad bar in my office building. One box makes 2-3 large salads

Of course, the problem with salad for lunch is that you really need to load it up to make it filling, and that can seem daunting when you’re preparing it at home (the salad bar has three kinds of beans, peppers, chicken, etc.). I’ve found a very simple salad, requiring only a couple items from the pantry that does the trick.

I just add walnuts and raisins to the mixed greens and keep a bottle of salad dressing in the refrigerator at work. Walnuts are very nutritious and filling, and the raisins are soft and sweet—a nice complement to the slightly bitter crunch of the walnut. Any simple vinaigrette would work, but the dressing I happen to have in the office now is ranch, which goes nicely as well.


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One Response to “Salad for Lunch”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Do you toast the walnuts first? Or grind them up? This helps. Also, what about some crumbled cheese (goat or blue?)? And if you grow bored of the walnuts-as-protein, try bringing along a can of tuna. Also, you can zip it up with some sliced dried figs (nice with the nuts!).

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