Sweet n’ Tangy

Last night I invited some friends over for a Sunday night dinner with the ulterior motive of making a dish that I could bring to work as leftovers during the week. I had already bought chicken thighs, so I went through my cookbooks and epicurious.com looking for ideas. I settled on a recipe called “Sweet and Tangy Chicken” from James McNair’s chicken book. I made a vaguely Mediterranean/Middle Eastern rice dish and roasted broccoli to accompany it.

I can strongly recommend the chicken recipe. Let’s just say the first steps are to fry bacon, then fry the chicken in the bacon grease. Economical and delicious (though not so healthy… whatever, swimsuit season is still several weeks away). You then bake the chicken (30 mins. at 350˚F), smother it in a slightly spicy honey mustard sauce (then another 15 mins. at 350˚) and top with bacon bits.

For the rice, I sautéd 1 sliced Vidalia onion in canola oil in a medium saucepan. I added raisins and dried apricots, some curry powder, then 1 cup of Basmati rice. Finally, for the liquid I used 2 cups chicken stock, one cup water, and I cooked according to the directions that came with the rice (bring to a boil, simmer for 20 minutes, remove from heat, let stand, covered, for 10 minutes).

Lastly a simple dish that has become one of my favorites: roasted broccoli. I never thought I liked roasted broccoli, because whenever I had it, it was always mushy, lacking that snap and strong flavor that make broccoli so great. Of course, this probably just means it had been overcooked. I liberally drizzled olive oil over the florets, then sprinkled with kosher salt, a little black pepper and whole cumin seeds. The chicken recipe had the oven at 350˚F. Normally, I roast the broccoli at 400˚, but it worked at 350˚, taking about 15 minutes. I turned them once halfway through. The result is a little sweeter than steamed broccoli, and the cumin is a great complement.

I guess we were missing dessert, but I think I can say that the main course left everyone satisfied, and the leftovers are stirring envy in my co-workers, I’m sure.

Houseboy Notes: The recipe calls for chicken thighs, which are much less expensive than breasts and easier to work with (less prone to drying out).


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2 Responses to “Sweet n’ Tangy”

  1. julixdoc Says:

    WOW! If someone had told me about this blog, I might have read it. Though I hate chicken, you describe it in MOST APPEALING way. I love bunnies–>roasted bunny anyone??

  2. sd Says:

    oh man, it was so good, i’d eat it twice.

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